Application, Registration & Fees

What is the procedure for participating in ACDL 2023?

The procedure consists of two steps.

To participate in the ACDL 2023 course, all attendants must

(1/2) Register for the ACDL 2023 Course (by February 23) and

(2/2) Book accommodation (by the accommodation form) at the course venue, “Riva del Sole Resort & SPA” (by April 9); all attendants must stay at the “Riva del Sole Resort & SPA”. Once accommodation has been booked at Riva del Sole Hotel, the participant must send this information to the ACDL organizing committee (acdl@icas.cc).

PayPal will be used to pay the registration fee.

No, unfortunately the ACDL is unable to provide any form of financial support.

The registration fee includes the cost of registration, all lectures, all course sessions, poster sessions, oral presentations, tutorials, PayPal service and all the scientific activities of the Advanced Course.

The registration fee is fixed and cannot be prorated.

Yes. Please refer to the Registration and Fees section of our website. Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Fellows are eligible for reduced Registration Fees.

Yes, major Credit Cards are accepted using the Online Payment System.

Shortly before the beginning of your Course you will be sent additional information specific to the Advanced Course. The final program will be available online short before the beginning of the Advanced Course.

Cancellations received no later than (TBA) will receive a full refund less € 50 in processing charges. All reimbursements are processed 4-8 weeks after the Advanced Course. After (TBA) no refunds will be given.

Getting There

If you book the accommodation at the Certosa di Pontignano you can book the transfer from Pisa International Airport to Certosa di Pontignano and vice versa:

  • From Pisa Int. Airport To Course Location (Certosa di Pontignano):
    departure: (TBA)
    arrival: (TBA)
  • From Course Location (Certosa di Pontignano) To Pisa Int. Airport:
    departure:  (TBA)
    arrival: (TBA)

Please visit the Travel Information page on the ACDL website for detailed information.

Yes. All Participants are responsible for arranging their own transportation.

Please visit the Location and the Activities pages on the ACDL website.

All Courses are meant to be conducted in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

If your arrival time is after 9.30pm please contact us in advance. Information about your accommodation will be emailed to you in advance and you may contact your hotel directly for further assistance.


Yes, there will be a wireless connection at the site of the Advanced Course.

If needed, you should bring your own electrical adaptors with you, which is a Type C (CEE 7/16) two-pronged adaptor where the pins are 4mm in diameter. This adaptor is also called a “Europlug”. Consider that an international power adaptor will not be easy to find around the Certosa di Pontignano.

We strongly discourage partial attendance and in order fully gain from the Advanced Course; participants should attend for the full duration. Should personal circumstances require this, please contact us and let us know.

Please refer to the Cancellation Policy on the Registration and Fee page.

The fixed fee will be charged regardless of the length of time a participant attends an event. Fees cannot be prorated for anyone.

Please let us know about specific needs: info@lacertosadipontignano.com

After an Advanced Course

The lecture hall and other areas of the Certosa di Pontignano will be closed before and after the dates of the Advanced Course or may be occupied by other activities.

If you desire to stay longer in Siena or in the area you may refer to the Activities page of this website.  Tuscany offers an extremely ample variety of accommodations and activities suitable for all taste and all budgets. If needed, we will also be happy to refer you to a local travel service for further info. Please note that the ACDL is unable to assist with individual travel plans.